Love Happens Vol. 5: The Power of the Human Touch


From the emotional rush of love and the beauty of a hand-crafted work of art to a doctor’s healing hands, the human touch is mighty. Sensational, intellectual, emotional, and physical, it manifests in our lives in so many ways. The social isolation of COVID reminded us of the power of humanity, so, in its honor, we dedicate this fifth edition of Love Happens to the power of the human touch.

First, the touch of the hand, and the attached mind—from the stunning craftsmanship of our Cover feature couture master João Rôlo, Our Latest Obsession—plumasserie artist Nelly Saunier, and the Innovative Floral Art of JaeSuk Kim, to the story of Wearable Art and a beautiful ode to all mighty Hands.

Among the pages, you will also find the creativity of top interior designers like Andre’ Jordan Hilton, Sabrina Monte-Carlo, Nina Magon and so many more. Imagine all your family and friends in a stunning gathering space in the French Riviera, Delhi, Long Island, Riyad, Egypt, or Saipan.

Meet the women of Fendi and other top female associations and voices. Talk about the beauty of sex and diversity with us! Discover some of our favorite human-inspired decor and brands we love. And hear what we have to say about treading lightly on Mother Earth by Traveling With Purpose.